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Equestrian Park & Petting Zoo
Guided Tours

Welcome to the Ark’s Two by Two Petting zoo..

chance to have one on one interaction and to be educated with not just farm animals but with many fascinating exotic animals! We take pride in our healthy, well mannered, and Loved animals. Our animals are great for all occasions, birthday parties, festivals, church events, grand openings, fundraisers, live nativities, libraries, schools, preschools, company picnics and more.

Welcome To The Two By Two Petting Zoo
We hope you enjoy your stay!

Lots of New Things To See at the Ark’s Two By Two Petting Zoo in 2014! Come Check it out!

Whats New At 
The Ark?

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We Now Offer Party Packages at the Ark!
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2014 Bliss!

Tours will be running all day Saturdays and Sundays! Drop by for Petting Zoo Tours, Hay Rides, Pony Rides, Animal Feedings, Bonfires and more!!  (Weekdays by appointment)

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Welcome 2014
Camp Why Not

We have these Large Feathered friends
Waiting to meet you!!
Come check them out today!

Meet Mumu the emu and Taco the Pig! These two very different little guys have become the most precious odd friends! Come see for yourself, Visit us Today.


Come meet and hold these unique 
little babies today! 

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Check out our new and exciting KISSING BOOTH! 
Your chance to take a Memorable Picture 
with an exciting Ark critter!
Although we have many exotic animals and 
love animals, we are NOT a wildlife rehabilitator and 
CANNOT take in wildlife.
If you find injured or orphaned wildlife, 
please contact the ARC hotline @ 704-552-2329 
And click here  

We Love these special Kitties!